When you know, you know

Years ago I remember reading a story that went something like this: The manager of a factory was in need of hiring someone to work the assembly line of his factory.  So he put out an ad, collected some applications, and began the interview process.  Several people came in to interview for the job.  And… More

Goat heads

Goat heads Life is full of surprises isn’t it?  Some surprises are good, even welcomed.  Other surprises, not so much.  I like surprises that include friends and presents and cake.  But the kind of surprises that include a trip to the tire store to fix a flat, or the kind that include draining the bank… More

Wrapping it up.

I don’t know about you girls, but I have a lot of purses. I have them in several colors.  Brown, black, white, red, blue, teal, and peach.  I have them in several different styles.  The kind with multiple pockets, the kind with a loop to keep it closed at the top, the kind that have… More


Car trouble.  It’s pretty much the worst. It’s never convenient.  It’s always expensive.  And it is down right upsetting!   One of my grown kids is wrestling with some car trouble right now.  It can be difficult to know what to do, especially as a young person.  There are so many options to wade through when… More


Fun fact:  I have four (adult) children. They are all different. Like really different.  Before I had kids, I had no idea that each one would be so very different from the other.  I mean, they were all parented by the same two people, with similar experiences and values.  The same household rules and expectations. … More

Making new labels

School recess, playground games.  So many memories flood my mind when I hear those words.  Dodgeball, softball, Red Rover, four square…..we spent all of recess in elementary school passing the time with those games.  And as fun as they were, there was also the anxiety of standing in a line with other kids.  Waiting and… More


As a child, I remember disappointing my parents.  On many occasions.  I recall acting in ways and saying things that hurt and angered them. Especially as a teenager.  I know they wanted what’s best for me, but in my immaturity and youth, I thought I knew best.  I thought I had grown enough to not… More

A series of words

Words are a big part of our lives.  Words shape us.  Words influence us.  Words can wound us.  And words can heal us. The words we speak to others can impact them in big ways.  When I have a close relationship with someone, the words they speak to me can influence me greatly.  They can… More

Seeing clearly

For a number of years, I worked at a school.  I have some fun and cherished memories of my time there.  All the kids at the school where I worked were small, preschool through just second grade.  One of the things I especially enjoyed about that age group is the funny things they would say!… More

Thrive Worship

Thrive Worship is coming soon!  I hope you’ll plan now (if you are local) to join me for a night of contemporary worship just for women! Thrive Worship is Friday April 29th at 7:00 p.m. Thrive Worship will be held at Grace Church in Chino Valley in the main sanctuary. This event is free!  Grab… More


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