It makes scents…

Isn’t it amazing how certain smells evoke strong memories?  When I was a girl, I was fortunate to have my grandmother live right next door to our family.  She had a real wood burning fireplace in her living room (unlike the fake electric one I have now).  Often my cousins and I would sleep over… More

Maybe it’s just me…

I am about to ask a question, and I can almost feel the hands going up as I do.  Who, beside me, struggles to have a healthy and consistent prayer life? Bam.  There it is. Honesty. Imperfection. Truth. Recently I started to hear God speak to my heart about prayer.  I pray often.  I talk… More


Local friends!  I hope that you will join me in anticipation of this year’s Thrive!  Thrive will take place on Friday, November12th at 6:30 PM.  We will gather at Grace Church in Chino Valley Arizona, for an evening dedicated to Connections, Confections (or desserts), Worship and Soul Talk for women of faith! You will experience… More

Over the top.

I remember back when I had infants.  There were so may happy and fun days!  Those days usually came on the same days when I was exhausted and emotionally spent.  But maybe that’s just me? I loved it when they were finally ready to start solid foods!  I giggled, making airplane noises as I spoon… More

Looking up

“Why, my soul, are you downcast?  Why so disturbed within me?”  Psalm 43:5a. Has your heart ever been downcast?  I bet it has.  Mine too, sister.  I relate to the Psalm writer…. Many things can make my heart sad and downcast.  Situations in my own personal life.  The hurts and concerns of those I care… More

For the asking

This week has been one of “those” weeks.  You know the kind. The kind where difficulties come rushing at you at an alarming rate.  You barely get past one, breathe deeply , and then the next one comes. It seems to just keep happening like that.  As your emotions respond to the trials, they grow… More

If only.

I want a redo. Truly.  Sometimes I think back over my life and I would really love a chance to live parts of it over again, but differently.  I’ve lost friendships, said words I regret, been angry when love was what was needed, let my feet take me places I knew better than to go,… More

The sun in my eyes

This time of year, as the temperatures rise earlier in the day, getting some walking in means, I need to go early.  So, I don my walking shoes and head out as the sun is coming up!  (Go ahead, call me crazy…. I already know!)  It is still crisp and cool then, and there’s very… More

Spiritual Amnesia

I have this dog. He is a mixed breed of some kind.  He’s pretty aggressive and has a big bark.  He’s the kind of dog that makes me feel safe when I am home alone.  He’s the kind of dog that we don’t allow kids to pet when we’re out walking, just to be safe. … More

On the other side of it

Last summer I went on a long-distance trip.  My hubby and I ventured to Colorado, and on to Indiana to see relatives.  It was a wonderful 17 days away from home exploring, hiking, driving across large parts of the country, and visiting family!  Neither of us had been to Colorado before, and I fell in… More


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