Don’t you just wish sometimes, that someone would notice you? That someone would acknowledge all the effort you are putting into life?

As women, we balance so many plates don’t we? Most of us (though not all) balance the Wife Plate, the Mom Plate, the Job/Career Plate, the Actively Participating In Church Plate, and more. The biggest plate, is the Working On My Spiritual Life Plate. That plate is like the charger plate that sits right underneath all the other plates, making them all look and feel better. It’s the gold plate!

Image by Anrita1705 from Pixabay

Sometimes, (ok most of the time) we are mentally and emotionally tired from balancing all those plates. Keeping them in forward motion and not letting them chip or crash into a thousand pieces. It’s why we don’t sleep sometimes. It’s why we eat chocolate. It’s why we need girlfriends. So many dang plates.

Now think about the last time that someone spoke into your life and told you that they noticed how you were trying so hard to balance your life. Remember when they said “I see you. I see how you care so much about your family and try your best to be there for them, and to care for each one. I see how you put your best foot forward at work and aim to be a team player there. I see the ways you give and help at church, and how you are applying yourself to The Word, and are making consistent effort to grow spiritually. I see you and what you are doing is good, and it matters. Keep going!” Can you remember when that happened? No? I can guess why.

Ladies, we are all busy with our own lives and our own plates. Of course we are, we have to be. But imagine how your heart would be lightened, and your countenance would change if someone, anyone, gave you spiritual hug, and a word of encouragement over your life. If an individual were to notice and verbally appreciate your plate spinning.

1 Thessalonians 5:14 “And we urge you brothers and sisters, warn the idle and disruptive, encourage the disheartened, help the weak, be patient with everyone.” In this section of scripture, Paul is writing specifically about The Day of The Lord, the day when Jesus returns. The principles here, transfer through time, to us today. Some of us are disheartened. We are tired. We are concerned about our future, individually and collectively. We need some positive. And we need each other to give that encouragement!

Maybe right now you’re thinking “Yeah Shelli, that sounds great. I could use some encouragement. I sure wish someone would call me, or text me, or send me a note in the mail and encourage and appreciate me. That someone might really SEE me. That would make a difference in my life….but that’s not gonna happen so…” Guess what? You do it. You do it for someone else. You be a difference maker in the life of someone who God lays on your heart today. Ladies, pick up the phone and call or text someone who you know, who is just doing their best to muddle through right now. Pick up a pen, and jot them a note and send it off.

Don’t let pride stop you. Don’t worry if no one does it for you. Don’t worry if you don’t think you will say it all “right”. Just do it.

And don’t only do it for the one who has “arrived”. When we are on the path toward something, when we are still struggling to get there, that is when we need encouragement. That’s when we most need someone to come along side us and “cheer us on”. To be the wind behind us pushing us forward when we are tired. To be the hairspray to hold us together…

Imagine how you would feel if someone took the time to encourage you today. How would you feel if the phone rang (you have to answer it though!), and someone spent 3 minutes telling you that they appreciate you. Just 3 minutes. Wouldn’t you be blown AWAY? I think you would. Imagine getting a text telling you that you are loved and that someone notices how you are trying so hard to be the best “you” for your family. Or how about getting a kindly worded note in the mail with words of affirmation encouraging you to keep going. I think it’s safe to say that every single one of us reading this today, could use some love like that.

So let’s do it for someone else! Let’s pay it forward. Let’s be the person at the front of the line at the coffee shop, that pays for the person behind us, and then the next one does the same, and so on. Let’s be trend setters in this way. Because some loving encouragement will last a lot longer than just a cup of coffee!

Let’s turn this around, and though we need it ourselves, lets do it for someone else. It’s gonna feel good! And my guess is that, at some point, it’s going to come back to you. Someone will encourage you.

God has a way of helping us establish community within the body of believers, through encouragement. Scripture is full of references about encouragement. We all need it to be our best. And my challenge to you, is to give it! Give it today! Don’t wait!

Call it a social experiment if you will. Give someone some encouragement today in a big way. Say REALLY good things to them. Don’t hold back! They need it, and you will be double blessed by their reaction.

If you can, tell me about it. Leave a response here, or message me another way and let me know how it went for you. I’d love to hear how you blessed someone with a word of encouragement over their life. I would love to hear what it meant to them. I bet it turns out beautiful for you too! Let’s take some time to be the light of the Lord in the world today. What’s the worst that can happen?

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

3 thoughts on “Hairspray

  1. Isn’t it great to hit the pause button on our current “juggling of plates” and stop to make someone else’s life or moment better? It’s the best remedy! Thanks for the reminder that needs to keep circling our day!

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  2. Let us not forget those that inspire us in their daily walk. And you do that for me. You do so much for others and you’ve been through so much, yet you keep on giving and have such a love for the Lord. Inspiring others, cards clubs etc. I feel blessed that you are my friend.

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