Giants in my life


We all have them don’t we?  I sure do.   Sometimes I lack the boldness to move forward in my own life, because I don’t feel strong enough.   

Probably because I’m not.

It had been sometime since I had last read the story of David and Goliath.   I encourage you to read it today for yourself.  It’s found in 1 Samuel 17

You may recall that David is a young shepherd boy at this time. He’s had a lot of experience protecting his sheep from lions and predators. But he’s still a boy.   

Here David enters the battlefield to bring provisions to his brothers who are fighting the Philistines, and this scene unfolds.  Goliath, a beast of a man, over 9 feet tall and wearing enough heavy armor to make him the equivalent of a human tank, is taunting the Israelite army, the army of God.  What happens next is so interesting and truly amazing!   The main thing to notice is this;   David’s confidence to defeat Goliath came from his belief in who God was, and not how David felt about his own abilities!

David entered and won that fight because he trusted in God’s abilities, not his own strength! 

The Lord can do the same for us!  He is waiting for us to take our eyes off of our insecurities, step out in faith, and trust Him to do something through us that exceeds all we can think or imagine!  The battle belongs to the Lord! 

These things happen in today’s world too!  It’s not simply a story from long ago.  We can  trust God for big things today.    

What is God asking you to do in faith? 

  • Let’s pray for His help with that thing. 
  • Let’s ask for His guidance.   
  • Let’s take our focus off of ourselves and our inabilities and place them, appropriately, on the Lord. 

 That’s where the battle is won!  Faith over fear!

Security in Him, not insecurity in myself!

Image by extremis from Pixabay

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